Growing Baby 3D Print-ready Models

Available for digital download here:
A series of 9 unique 3D printed models for enriching your pregnancy experience! The largest model may be scaled up and printed for consecutive weeks of development. Accompanied by a guide document, which includes facts about each stage of development, and also doubles as presentation mats for each print. 3D printing instructions are included on page 1 week 2 of the document. Holding each model in the palm of your hand adds a whole new layer of insight into your developing baby.
Key Points
Researched for accuracy
Use for Education, announcements, commemorative memorials, gifts, etc.
High resolution sculpts for filament and resin printers
Week 12 model can be scaled up for second trimester sizes
Attention to detail and character of each model
Low cost
Companion PDF with display mats containing development, size, actions, and source material information


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