3D Printed T-Slot VR Stock


t-slot VR stock designed to assist in-game with
•quickly loading / unloading controllers
•3 points of contact for accuracy
•flexible hand movement •customization • sliding rail for different arm lengths
Suggested hardware and links to complete this build below. Please share where you get your hardware if you find it better or cheaper from another retailer. I'd love to keep this project page evolving and also update it with other controllers in the future! Currently compatable with the Occulus Rift controllers.
In this build:
(1) 20x20x500mm t-slot
(2) m4 25mm screws for hand grips
(2) m4 wing nuts for hand grips
(10) m4 8mm screws for t-slot connections
(10) m4 t-nuts for t-slot connections
3D print files from MyMiniFactory.com/users/3DofTom


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