3d printed chess set

You can stream the print files to your personal 3D Printer from Pinshape!

Here are some renders of a chess set that I have been working on to be 3d printed.  I have uploaded it onto shapeways.com, but it's super expensive!  I am planning on making another version that is less expensive. Right now there is a "mini" version and a regular version.
You can also purchase the 3d model from my Turbosquid.com shop!

I need to work on this render a little more.  I want to bring out the faceted highlights a little more and work on the reflection samples.

Earlier versions of the chess set below with different material properties:

Pictures from around the web!

Photo by systemR, found HERE

Photo by nodir, found HERE


  1. Perfect set. Love from the first sight :-)

    1. Thanks! It was a fun experiment. I wanted to make a set that interacted with light in an interesting way.

  2. Hi. Perfect idea :)
    The turbosquid link seems to be inactive :/
    I'd like to download the CAD model and fit it to half-sphere bottoms. Like here: https://i.nyx.cz/files/00/00/12/83/1283181_e4dd584cc62f88c74416.jpg?name=chess.jpg

    1. Hey Tomáš,

      Thanks for letting me know about the dead link! I didn't realize it wasn't working. I have updated it and it should work now.

      I would love to see the chess set once you add the half sphere bottoms to it. Let me know if you need any assistance with the printing process :)

    2. I do hasitate if it will be easily adjustable in CATIA V5. And how easy would it be to obtain board from CNC machine. And if I will like the wobbling idea itself :)
      Maybe I will try to design my own set at first... https://i.nyx.cz/files/00/00/12/83/1283351_f2be6a25e7913a3c2a07.jpg?name=wch.jpg

    3. You could try to find out if you have any MakerSpaces around your area. They might have CNC machines that they would probably be happy to teach you how to use them.

      I am not familiar with CATIA. I would assume if you can import .stl files into that program then my chess set would work just fine.

      Let me know if you decide to design your own. I would be interested in following your design process!


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