Dragon Rook Design

Model submitted to the Prototype to Production contest hosted by Shapeways and Form Labs. Click on the link to see the entry.

Sculpted in ZBrush then cleaned up and rendered in Modo 701. Modo was great in helping me hunt down problems with the mesh and fixing them for print!

My local Makerspace has a Form One and I was able to have it printed out by them. The details are a little lost in the photos, I think it's because they used the clear resin. I plan on priming it and doing an ink wash over that. I have never primed and painted a model before, so if anyone has any pointers I would really appreciate it!

I really like what FormLabs did in the new update of PreForm, giving the designer the ability to edit the supports, but I think for my next iteration of the print I am going to manually model in some supports so that it will sit flat on the build platform.

Sorry for the poor image quality. I took these pictures with my phone this morning. I was so excited I just wanted to post them.

Printed on the Form One, quarter for scale:

Renders from Modo 701 :


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