And God Spoke All These Words, Saying...

I've been working on a project for a while now, and the pieces are coming together!  I recently published a kids book for Bible memorization on After researching my options for self publishing, I settled on using CreateSpace . It seemed to be the best option for low up front costs.

Some Pros of CreateSpace:

- no setup fee to upload book
- no minimum print run orders
- directly integrated with (and owned by) Amazon
- Customer service has been pretty responsive
- You can make incremental adjustments to the book file at any time at no extra cost
- provide you with a free ISBN number
- large distribution network
- easy e-book creator option

Some Cons of CreateSpace

- The ISBN number can only be used to publish through CreateSpace, limiting the freedom/ flexibility you might want if you were to purchase your own ISBN.
- they do not offer casewrap hardcovers prints for full color books, only paperback
- They do not offer discounts on bulk orders of your book.
- Shipments usually take a week or longer to arrive when ordering through CreateSpace, and there are no discounts on shipping fees. If you need your book fast, it would be better to pay a little extra to order through Amazon where Prime shipping is available.

Another consideration is, because it's a print on demand service, you can't control the quality of the print. I've received prints that have had printer streaks in the ink. After contacting customer support, they quickly sent me replacement copies at no extra charge.

My book is planned to be the first in a Bible series I would like to create. This one highlights Exodus 20, where the 10 commandments are found. More information and future developments can be found on my website


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